Had a chance to catch-up with Dr. Schuchman between patients and asked him a few questions about his practice.

How long has Boulevard Pet Hospital been in business?

I’ve had this practice since 1975. Purchased it from Dr. Turner a veterinarian.

Before that it was a physicians office. In fact, it was one of the first physician offices in Castro Valley.

Why did you set up shop in Castro Valley?

When I first arrived in California, I worked for a vet hospital in San Leandro. Had an opportunity to explore the area and found myself drawn to Castro Valley because it has a nice mix of country and city. And back then I wanted to do horses, goats and sheep as well as dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles birds and other exotics. Have you seen pictures from my place?

Anyway, as my practice grew, I found it very difficult to get out to do horse calls between in office appointments. But if owners can get their goats, sheep and pot belly pigs here, I will see them. I really enjoy treating a wide variety of animals.

What makes Boulevard different from other Pet Care businesses?

Besides what I previously mentioned, that we take care of a wide variety of pets, what you’ll find here with me and the staff is that we understand that pets are part of the family and treat them is as if they were our own.

Also, on Wednesdays Dr Stanley a specialist in eastern medicine and acupuncture, in addition to western medicine, sees patients. We feel this gives owners more options for the type of care given to their pets.

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